FiReP Rebar

GFRP Reinforcement

FRP bars for internal reinforcement in RC structures

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- Exposed Structures

- Infrastructural Constructions

- Precast Concrete

- Waterway Engineering

- Temporary application (Soft Eye)

- Railways/ aprons using induction loops

- Research facilities

- Avoiding of thermal bridges

- Foundations

FiReP® REBAR is the GFRP production range for internal reinforcement of concrete structures. It offers a wide range of different shapes, and almost every shape known from steel rebars can be produced in GFRP.

FiReP® REBAR can either be used for permanent applications e.g. in case of requirements of the highest durability, maintenance-free and corrosion-free structures as well as in the case of the requirement to avoid disturbances of electric or magnetic fields or for temporary application (e.g. Soft-Eyes). For temporary reinforcement of diaphragm walls, it is now state of the art to use a mixed cage of steel in the upper and lower section and GFRP in the middle section. This section, called “Soft-Eye”, which will later be cut by TBM, is important for the time and cost-effective operation of TBM.