GFRP Self-Drilling Rock Bolt

FRP self drilling rock bolts with advanced torque and pressure resistance

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 - Permanent support
- Temporary application
- Cementitious grout
- Injection of resin
- Resin capsules

FiReP® SPINMAX® is a Self-Drilling Rock Bolt with advanced high torque and pressure resistance. The high load-bearing capacity of the threaded profile allows strong jointing with drill bits, nuts, and also couplers. Due to its cuttability SPINMAX® GFRP Self-Drilling Rock Bolt is an economical alternative and also offers enormous advantages for modern rapid heading methods in tunneling. Furthermore the cuttability protects the machinery and avoids obstructions while advancing or enlarging tunnels. 

The bolt has a high radial pressure resistance for injections with resins or grout and is corrosion resistant for permanent support. The SPINMAX® offers high tensile strength and can carry high loads. Its low weight with high torsional strength makes the bolt well suited for works in loose rock up to a maximum hardness of 60 – 70 MPa.