GFRP Setting System

FRP rock bolts with advanced torque resistance

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FiReP® SPINSET® is a set, consisting of the SPIN BOLT, SPIN NUT, and SPIN PLATE for an improved installation procedure, especially in coal mines. The purpose of this GFRP system is then accelerated and pre-tensioned installation of groups of bolts during systemic bolting for advanced strata support in mine galleries.

The application after drilling of borehole continues with insertion of resin cartridges with different setting times and installation of bolts is easy to handle even for staff without skills. After insertion of bolts by spinning in a short break of 10 to 15 sec. follows before the spinning in procedure starts again for tightening the plate and tensioning the bolts by torsion of SPIN Nut. The nut allows an initial torque for spinning in, afterward free running for tensioning, and at least a protection against overspun of bolt shaft. The result is a safe, quick, and very cost-effective system and installation procedure.